Thursday, 1 April 2010

Winter Brooches.

New work evolving for the annual Winter Brooches exhibition at Sydney's Studio 20/17.

The series of pins i'm working on is called 'Weather Lore' and is based around folkloric proverbial predictions of weather patterns based on age old observations in nature and it's surroundings. The pieces i have created are talismanic pins of sort, to be worn as an aid in evoking desired weather conditions. I think i've got a few more to come before the work is due, but here are my first three.

The predictions they're based on are:

If wood-lice seem in armies for to go, soon after look for rain.
Timber, oxidised sterling silver, paint.

Mackeral skies and mares tails make ships carry lowered sails.
Timber, oxidised sterling silver, pony hair, paint.

If corn husks are thick and tight, a cold winter lays ahead.
Timber, oxidised sterling silver, paint.


Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia
I like the idea behind these; and the pins are fantastic!
The weather prediction I've always loved is 'red sky night, shepherd's delight; red sky morning, shepherd's warning'.
Happy making

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................