A selection of links to various press releases, interviews and career highlights.

Daily Imprint Blog. Jan, 2011. Interview.

URBIS Magazine -  Dec, 2010. "Beady Eyed". Double page spread. Pg 30-31. 

The Age - Figment exhibition press release. 22.03.10 
(my work 'Sticks & Stones' pictured)

Aesthetics Now. Press release for upcoming Craft Victoria joint show. 2010
Penthouse Mouse. 2010 - L'Oreal Fashion Week.

Michi Girl - Figment press release. 2010

E.g.etal blog interview. 2010
'The will to adorn', The Vine article. 2010

Penthouse Mouse Paper, (L'Oreal Fashion Week) 2010
(more images on main blog page)

Broadsheet website. Figment exhibition press release. 2010

The Carrot Box - jewellery blog. 2010

Studio 20/17. Winter Brooches exhibition. 2010
Accessories - Fashion Snoops blog. 2010
Please Turn Over blog. 2010
Object Magazine. Issue #58, (pg 26-33). 2009
Craft Victoria blog. 2009
Craft Victoria website. The Passenger, EnCounter window exhibition.2008

Craft Victoria blog. The Passenger, EnCounter window exhibition. 2008

Craft Victoria blog. The MacMillan Collection review. 2008