Saturday, 17 April 2010

Quickie update...

Busy times as usual in the studio with simultaneous projects on the go. At the moment i'm focusing on getting my work completed for the annual Winter Brooches show at Stdio 20/17 in Sydney, i had a lovely pendant commission utilising a very sentimental if not rather large crystal. i've been building up my new colection for the new city Pieces of Eight, Melbourne, and have place my thinking cap on firm and fast for the body of work i'll be producing for my upcoming joint show in September with studio buddy Karla Way at Craft Victoria. Oh and i had a bit of a chat recently with e.g.etal about starting to consider a few 'precious' elements to add to the collection there. So, late last week i dropped off a special little ring to be cast in 18ct yellow gold... boy and i excited! stay tuned!

The list of images from top to bottom are as follows:

  • A bit of press (utilising my image!) in the Tuesday Age for March 23rd, for the now wrapped up FIGMENT show at e.g.etal. I'm not quite sure about the other artist works, but mine have stayed with the gallery and are available for sale.

  • A lovely commissioned pendant project using a very sentimental and large crystal.

  • 'When Salt Clogs the Shaker'. The latest and i think final addition to my Weather Lore collection for the Winter Brooches show.

  • A few pieces ready for my Pieces of Eight collection.

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Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

i love your pieces Natalia v beautiful :)