Wednesday, 8 May 2013


This year will see Melbourne contemporary jewellery, e.g.etal, celebrate it's 15'th birthday.
To celebrate this milestone, e.g.etal has asked it's artist to create bespoke pieces that explore the number 15 in any which way they wish.

I contemplated the idea of time, of milestones, and thought about ways in which we mark special moments in our lives. We take photos, keep journals, throw parties, give gifts, get tattoos... all manner of things.

This idea of markers of time led me to reflect on the humble charm bracelet. They come and go with fashions, but somehow they seem to remain and hold their own as treasured reminders of places, people and events in our lives that we want to keep close.

With this though in mind, i set out to create my own version of the charm bracelet. I had no intention to break any new ground, it's a simple bracelet, it's practical, comfortable and understated. The charms are small and quiet, their forms are abstract yet familiar, free of prescribed ideas and notions of what should be celebrated. Each one is open to interpretation and meaning.

Hand made from silver (bright or oxidised), 18ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold, bone and resin, each charm is a one off.

The e.g.etal charm bracelet has 15 one off charms and will be available once the 15 year celebrations kick off.

Individual bracelets can be ordered with specific charm requests, with room to always add more as time goes by.

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