Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oops, its been a while...

above - work in progress
below - still from film

Yikes, time flies!!

Christmas came and went, and i've been back in the studio for ages, but somehow i've managed to completely lose track of time and this little blog of mine.

So, to quickly catch you up - along with chipping away at a new precious collection (stay tuned), i've also been working hard finishing off a very exciting collaborative project with contemporary dancer, and good buddy of mine, Katherine Doube.

This project is part of a major group show titled, Signature Style, curated by Nella Themelios and Kim Brockett. 

Here's a bit of a run down:

Signature Style is a major group exhibition exploring models of collaborative practice in contemporary jewellery. Featuring the work of some of Melbourne’s most exciting artists and jewellery practitioners Signature Style will be a significant addition to the emerging discourse around collaboration and contemporary craft. Collaboration poses a very different method of working – by its very nature, collaboration eschews individual artistic identity in favour of some kind of ‘third’ position.Signature Style will examine new methodologies of working and ‘work’, thinking through the potentials of collaboration within craft and design.

I teamed up with Katherine to create a wearable piece that at once informed and was informed by a choreographed piece of dance. 

The result has been an articulated shoulder piece that references something that lurks down in the deep blue sea while also paying homage to the undergarments of ballet and dance costumes.

Katherine's dance is a study of underwater movement observed in a variety of sea creatures, while also working consciously with the qualities and restrictions of the shoulder piece. 

The resulting dance piece was filmed in a blackened theatre space with carefully placed spot lighting to create the feel of a creature moving through a mysterious abyss. 

Both film and shoulder piece will be shown at the exhibition which opens at Craft Victoria next week.

Opening Thursday 7 March 2013, 6-8pm
At Craft, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Showing from 8 March to 27 April 2013

The group show also includes work by:

Nicholas Bastin & Matthew Dux
Dan Bell, Bianca Hester, Charlie Sofo, Nathan Gray, Christopher LG Hill, Liang Luscombe & Oliver van der Lugt
Tessa Blazey & Alexi Freeman
Michaela Bruton & Kane Ikin
Milly Flemming & Dani Maugeri
Natalia Milosz-Piekarska & Katherine Doube
Nina Oikawa & Bridget Bodenham
Meredith Turnbull & Manon van Kouswijk
Karla Way & Dylan Martorell
Katherine Wheeler & Polly van der Glas

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