Monday, 11 April 2011

UNDERFOOT. OVERHEAD. Studies in Nature.

I currently have work in the newly opened exhibition 'UNDERFOOT. OVERHEAD. Studies in Nature.' at Object Gallery, Sydney, curated by Kate Ford.

Exploring the environments beneath us and above us, and all that lies between. Underfoot. Overhead. includes a number of makers who take inspiration from the natural world and create artefacts that then challenge our idea of what is 'natural'.

Featuring work by Juz Kitzon, Ken + Julia Yonetani, Emily Valentine Bullock, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Michelle Kelly.

My work came under the title 'Immortal Morsels' and is an idea i think i might like to explore further down the track...

'Immortal Morsels' sees Natalia explore the mysterious world of food and it's endless uses as mediums for worship, healing and protection. Throughout time and across cultures, certain foods and an endless repository of enigmatic edibles have been administered with the belief that they house magical and medicinal properties. They have been used to heal, protect and alter our physical and mental states. Some foods and ingredients take on such divine eminence, the question could be asked, are they the food of the gods, or are they gods in themselves?

Natalia plays with these ideas through the construction of her own fictitious talismanic morsels . Using a veritable apothecary of materials to conjure up her creations, she cooks up a collection of weird and wonderful bite size charms to be taken strictly as prescribed.

Above are some of the pieces i included.

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