Sunday, 27 February 2011

...and more rings.

I'm running out of ring pun titles for all the rings posts i've been putting up lately, but none the less, here's two more rings i made recently.

The first is Chilli Seed Ring and is a wee addition to my Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me body of work which is travelling up to Sydney next week to be shown at Metalab Gallery in Surry Hills. I thought that as the exhibition is touring to a new home, a new little addition, just for Metalab, would be a nice way to carry the show forward.

Second is a ring i've nicknamed Eyes For You. It was meant to be a ring to go out as stock, but during the final stages of finishing it i realised, i never keep anything for myself. So, this one stayed with me and currently lives very happily on my middle finger.

I've had requests for similar designs since i started wearing it, so clearly wearing your own work is a good business move, pity i don't wear a lot of my own jewellery. People often ask why i don't wear more of my own work, or much jewellery at all for that matter. Part of the reason is simply because i find that when i work, i don't like having things getting in the way just in case i either a) damage the jewellery or b) get the jewellery caught in something that spins very fast or catches on fire, in turn, damaging myself.

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I just ate a chilli and the seeds weren't nearly as cool as these!