Monday, 10 January 2011

Blog crop up's...

Happy new year!

With some relax time over the past couple of weeks, i've had time for a bit of a rummage on-line and found a couple of posts on my work which cropped up recently on some great design blogs.

Here's the links:

Ala Champ Fest.
The offshoot blog for the magazine of the same name.
This post is focuses on the newly opened Pieces of Eight Gallery, but since i was working that day, i was lucky enough to get a plug.

Daily Imprint.
A lovely and thorough blog exploring all things art, design, fashion, film, literature, etc. PHEW!
I was interviewed a few months ago and it popped up today.Yay!

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Treadgold said...

I discovered your work through the Daily Imprint interview and really love your fresh, unique designs. I am a fledgling jewellery designer and it's really inspiring to see someone who has struck out on their own. I am also a little shy in promoting myself so I say go forth and conquer! Will be keeping an eye on your progress...Emma