Monday, 8 November 2010

Catch up...

Eek, it's been a while, it's so here's a catch up post to get things back up to speed.

A commissioned piece for the talented and ever so lovely designer, Skye Jeffreys ( It was one of those wonderful commissions where i was given free rein the make something big bold and colourful.

I also found out recently that a piece of my work was selected to be a part of the 2011 Talente showcase in Munich. This is a big honour as it it an annual juried international show of work, presenting emerging innovative practitioners from the areas of design, craft and technology. From Australia only myself, fellow jeweller Mel Miller and glass artist Kristel Britcher were selected this year, so no mean feat getting your foot in the door.

And with Christmas looming, i've been busily getting new work ready to send out to my various galleries and stockists. One exciting project that was handed to me was to create a one off Christmas piece for a festive showcase at E.g.etal. I won't say much more, you'll have to check it out when it goes up closer to the date (i'll keep you posted when it's officially launched), but it sounds like it will be quite a beautiful tribute to celebration, colour and festivities. A group of E.g.etal artists where invited to create a one off piece to be part of the collection and will available for purchase in store very soon. Here's a sneak peek at mine.

And for more exciting news, the new Pieces of Eight Gallery will be opening oh so soon (we're talking weeks, days even now), in Russel place, Melbourne. I will be involved with PO8 both as an artist, but also as gallery staff, so really looking forward to seeing this rocket launch. Their new and comprehensive website showcasing all their artists will be up and running soon also, so i'll be sure to get the link up as soon as it's updated. Here is a pic of two of my piece that will be part of my new one off collection for PO8.

Photography of the last works: Andrew Barcham
Image Courtesy of Pieces of Eight gallery.

Phew! There's more to come, but now i better get back to making...

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