Monday, 13 September 2010

Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me. Installed.

Well here we are, Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me has arrived at has made itself at home at Craft Victoria's gallery 1. Opening night was a blast with a wonderfully insightful introduction from Craft Vic's Co-ordinating Curator, Nella Themellios. The show will be open for the next six weeks, closing on the 16th of October. A limited series of 100 catalogues has been produced, designed by the lovely and super talented Wendy Ellerton from Hofstede Design Studio, and includes contributing texts from contemporary jeweller Nicholas Bastin and artist Nathan Gray. They are for sale for $15 at Craft Vic and also at Alice Euphemia, don't miss out!


Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

Looks fantastic - I work around the corner and pop into Craft Vic regularly. I love your work and I will certainly pop by :)

Lisette said...

Very lovely displays. I enjoy your work as well, congrats on the show.

Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

Hi Natalia

I popped into Craft Victoria today and the installation and your work is fantastic. Love how the work is suspended from the ceiling and it casts shadows on the walls and floors. Impressive. I will be blogging about my experience.
Congrats its a great show.

Cheers Sophia :)

natalia said...

thanks for the comments! :)

jonahliza said...

soo, soo beautiful. great photographs, too. hearts and hearts.