Saturday, 21 August 2010

Some new works...#3

With Open Studios snapping at my heals recently, i found myself in a flurry of new work production. With no brief or boundaries restricting what i made, the output became quite random and diverse, which was quite nice and confusing at the same time. Here's an attempt (in a 3 post series), to organise some of the work, though by no means did these pieces necessarily come about in this order, but they did all occur roughly within a two month time frame. Phew! Now it's full steam ahead getting the last of my pieces ready for the upcoming exhibition... stay tuned!


fruzsi said...

Amazing jewellery! Discovering you and your work totally made my day - I love it! And the artist statement is also really inspiring and very well written!

natalia said...

hey thanks peachpatrol, your comment really made MY day!