Saturday, 3 July 2010

Upcoming Craft Vic show and new E.g.etal pieces.

The first two images are to give a heads up and little update on my work slowly coming together for a very exciting show happening in September at Craft Victoria. Karla and i will be presenting a body of work in the main gallery exploring themes of talismanic and lucky charms titled Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me. Each of us are approaching the topic individually, tapping into our own research into myth, ceremony, superstition and ritual, exploring the potent and transformative capabilities of materials and belief.
The last image is of some new work being developed for e.g.etal. This blue set titled Lagoon has been dropped off already, with more colours on the way.


Anonymous said...

I love this piece. Everytime I think you have done your best you excel even further.
Go Girl !!!!
Can wait what will come next from you magical imagination and clever hands.

Anonymous said...

what unique work

natalia said...

thank you anonymous, very kind words. cheers!