Monday, 15 March 2010

Midmouse Runway.

Last Friday night i attended Penthouse Mouse's 'Midmouse' runway show for L'Oreal Fashion Week, as some of my pieces were being used. Even though i rarely make work with gender in mind, i was surprised to find the stylist had put my necklaces on boys, but i think they looked great! My work was mostly paired up with local label 'Vanguard'. Here are some pics from the show sourced from I'm not sure who took the pics, or who to contact regarding crediting these shots, i think it might be a fellow called Allan, though im really not sure, but check out Fashionising's link to find out more.


katherine said...

These look great Natalia! cool runway shots. I never imagined them on boys either, but funnily enough they do seem to work. See you thurs. night xo

natalia said...

yeah, see you thurs! i went and had a sneaky peek today and it looks great!