Saturday, 1 August 2009

Forest for the Fences

My piece included in the Craft Victoria 'Perspective' exhibition. The theme to work to was City/Country, my response was:

Populations grow and urbanisation spreads. Forests become cities and natural landscapes become private property. We flatten hills and replace trees with fences as we conquer, control and contain land in pursuit of a little something that we can call ours. A haven divided from the rest of the world by a thin line bordering mine from yours. We cut, shape and mould a home, a garden, a sanctuary from land that provides much of what we need to satisfy our nesting needs. As we continue to spread, to cut and divide, to manipulate and consume our natural recourses, how much do we forgo when we can no longer see the forest for the fences.

The neckpiece is constructed from hand whittled pieces of timber that graduate from raw wood to a carved and painted picket fence post.

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